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AHML Message & History


Welcome to
18 th Asian Homeopathic Medical League &
8 th International Conference On Homeopathy, Acupuncture &
Complementary Medicine 2009
Venue:  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4 - 5 th October 2009
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Message From The President
        This is to inform all our friends that we are organizing the 18 th AHML , 29 th National & 8 th International Conference on Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 4 - 5th October 2009
          As this is consirede as the biggest event for alternative / Complementary Medicine for this year we shall be very happy to invite you and your friends to this prestigious International Conference.
       We all know that complementary medicine is an important component of human civilization. In the history of human and social development, it has made significant contribution to the growth and prosperity of all nations of the world. Today it is still playing a due role in the peoples's medical and health care service.  The World Health Organization-WHO has attached a great importance to the application of traditional and complementary medicine, education, research and development all over the world, as it has reach a new level and made great contribution to the people health.
         Our research center of education in complementary medicine through The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and with the help from the state and federal government of Malaysia, through Ministry of Health, has been consistently attaching a great importance to the exchange of cooperation of TCM and Complementary Medicine among countries, and positively promoting the application and development of TCM/ Complementary medicine in this country.
        The purpose of this ICHCM 2009 is to enhance the cooperation among health workers, NGO's and governemnt of different countries, promote the unity of TCM medical practitioners of various countries, exchange the knowledge, cultural and scientific program, etc.
      May I take this opportunity to invite and welcome all of you together in this coming International Conference on Homeopathy & Complementary Medicine at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 4 - 5th Oct., 2009
    I have no doubt that with the application and development of TCM in this region and other part of the globe, the peoples's Health care in 21st century will turn to a new chapter. Let us join together whole-heartedly in this ICHCM and make it a great success.
See you at Kuala Lumpur  4 - 5th Oct 2009

Selamat datang - Welcome
Yours truly,
Prof Dr Nik Omar
Chairman ICHC Malaysia 2009

Message From Sheikh Hasina
Prime Minister
Government of The People's Republic of Bangladesh.
I welcome the Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML) for organizing the 11th International Congress st Dhaka. The disicion of our Governemnt to promote Homeopathy is going to get impetus from such an international congress.  I believe it will help realize the dream of the Nation, which includes building up of a hunger and disease free Bangladesh.
I wish the congress a grand success
Joi Bangla, Joi Bangabandhu
Sheikh Hasina
Prie Minister of Bangladesh
16 January 2001

Brief History of Asian Homeopathic Medical League
The Asian Homeopathic Medical League (AHML) was founded in 1986 at Puna, the city of India. The eminent Homeopaths of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka got together and decided to form an organization of Asian Homeopath after the protest walkout during Liga Medicorum Internationlis, the then the only homeopathic orrganisation of the world.
The main point of protest is that the American and European Homeopath were basically allopathic doctors. The Asian homeopath which basically 100 % homeopath who qualified a full 5 yaers from full homeopathic medical college, were not given the right to vote and permission to sit in the scientific season of the Liga congresses, where as large number of homeopatha are all in Asian region.
Due to this discrimination The Asian senior and eminent homeopaths walk out of the Liga Congress in 1986 and formed the Asian Homeopathic Medical League - AHML.
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Fiji, Brunei, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, South Africa, are its member countries.
In it first meeting, Dr Jugal Kishore (India) was elected as the first President, Dr P.Panday was its second President ( India), Third was Prof Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan ( Pakistan), fourth - Dr Giriendal Pal (India).
So far AHML has conducted 17th International Congresses in different Asian countries. The 18th will be in Malaysia from 4 - 5th October 2009.
AHML is a non political organization, it purpose is to uplift for the betterment of homeopathic system of homeopathic system through all its member countries by National Vice Presidents. The basic aim of this organization are:-
  • to promote and coordination of professional activities in the field of education, research and dessemination of homeopathic knowledge.
  • to encourage and persuade the establishment of homeopathic research institution, hospital, pharmacies and dispensaries at the government and semi government levels.
  • to conduct basic and clinical research in the field of drugs proving.
  • to establish basic libraries with reference to books and the latest research papers from all over the globe.
  • dissemination of homeopathic research information, activities and trend to the member countries.
  • to promote understanding between nations of member countries through seminars, workshop and conferences.

- Dr A.K. Set, Secretary General AHML.

Reports, the last ICHCM 2002
13th Asian Homeopathic Medical League &
6th International Conference On Homeopathy &
Alternative Medicine
Kota Bharu, Malaysia 7-10th September 2002
The 13th AHML & 6th ICHC was held at Kota Bharu Malaysia on 7th - 10 September 2002 at Perdana Resort, near the beach off South China Sea.
It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Kelantan State Government, who stressed the need to develop homeopathy and alternative medicines in the country.
The inaugural session was presided over by Prof Dr Sajjad Hassan Khan, the President of AHML , Dr A.K. Seth, the Secretary of AHML and guest welcomed by Prof Dr Sir Nik Omar., President of Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioner who is also the Convenor of the Conference.
It was attended by delegates from 15 countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Canada, Germany, Australia, England, Kuwait, Phillipine, etc.
The scientific session were devoted to the development and research in homeopathy. The first session was presided by Dr P. Bansal, Dr SS Moharana. While Dr Girish Gupta presented the good paper on 'The effect of Homeopathic Drugs Against Apergillosis in Human: In-Vitro Evalution." . He also inform about his activities in his Research Institute at Lucknow.
30 working papers were presented from 8th till 10 september 2002, such as;
1. Repertorial Aspect of cardiac Diseases by Dr SS Moharana, India
2. Untreatable Cases of cancer Treated by Homeopathy by Prof Sanjoy Benerjee, India
3. Homeopathy for Heart Problem by N. Sukumaran
4. Study of Efficacy of Albizzia Lebbeck in Bronchial Asthma by Prof Bishnu Prasad Sarma.
5. Homeopathy Rescued from Surgery by Dr M.A. Quader, Bangladesh.
6. Infiltrative Ductal Carcinoma of Breast by Dr Umesh Dayanandan, Kuwait.
7. The Effest of Nirami Karan, a clinical trial by Vaidya Dhirendra Joshi
8. Wholenss and health Through Homeopathy by Dr S.P. Nautiyal
9. Viral hepatis and Homeopathic Treatment by Dr Sanjiv Garj
10. Homeopathic Scientific Explained by Dr SS Vital
11. The present Status of Homeopathy by Dr M.S. Hossain Bhuiyan
12 Successful Homeopathic Treatment of a large pedunculated warty papillomatous growth in an elderly lady by S.K. Mandal.
13. Role of Homeopathy In Renal Stone Treatment by Dr Sharad Shangloo.
14.The Missing Link of Medicine Today by Dr RS Pareek & Dr Alok Pareek
15.Treament of Allergic Rhinitis by Prof V.P. Bansal
16. Homeopathy and Pathology by Dr Md Abdul Matin
17. Biochemical and Medicinal Investigation of Allium Sativa by Prof Dr Sohail Rashid
18. Efficacy of lesser Known Homeopathic Drugs on Skin Disorder by Dr J.P. Singh
19. Homeopathy Science by Dr Chandok Singh, Punjab Government.
20. Homeopathy in Singapore by Dr M Rangachari. etc.
On Sept 2002 all delegates were invited for BBQ Dinner hosted by The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia at their new campus at Pasir Mas. The function was a great gathering and all the delegates enjoy the hospitality by the Chairman Prof Nik Omar.
On the 9th September, the meeting of central Working Committee and General assembly meeting of AHML was held at Perdana Resort.
The President Prof Sajjad Hassan Khan announced his resignation because he was ahifted to England. All the members of AHML helped to elect a new President.
Dr Gidendral Pal of India were elected as President and The Senior President goes to Prof Dr Nik Omar of Malaysia. The Secretary General, Dr A.K. Seth remained unchange. The new Vice President of Philiipine, Singapore, Brunei, Saudi Arabia were elected.
All credits goes to Prof Nik Omar, President & Chairman of The Conference who was responsible for making excellent arrangements for holding the International Conference.
Prof Nik Omar and his devoted group of workers deserve our thanks for holding such an impressive international mood of immense value to the profession. It is worth to mentioned here that Prof Omar is the one of the pioneer in popolarising homeopathy in Malaysia and Asian region and is recognised by lovers of homeopathy all over the region.
The convocation of The faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia was also held during the conference. Diploma and degree were given to those who has qualified a two years and four years course in homeopathy.
Kota Bharu 5 Oct 2002  
Call for papers For 2009 Malaysia Conference
Scientific & Cultural Program fro ICHCM 2009
4 - th Oct., 2009
* Latest Research ad development in T/CM
* Surgical Cases Cured by Homeopathy, Ayuvedic, Herbal, Chinese Medicine and other T/Cm on brain tomour, fibroid, cycst, etc supported by CT Scan, MRI, Untrasound, etc.
* The role of T/CM on psychiatric & psychological disorder
* Drug Abuse, ADIS and Chronic Cases Cured by T/CM approach
Sent you abstract before 15 Jun 2009
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