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Our History - FAHOM
Cawangan Baru: Homeopathy Dr Nik Omar , No.1-1, 9/9C,di Pusat Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Sek 9.
Kaedah Kursus 2009 - 2015
Our History - FAHOM
8th International Conference on Acupuncture & Complementary Medicine 2009 at Malaysia

Here we will explain the purpose and Mission of our organizations:-
1. The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia - FAHOM
2. The Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association-MRHP
3. Nik Omar Homeopathic Hospital, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.
4. Nik Omar Homeopathic Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur
5. B & F Homeopathic Pharmacy
6. The Asian Homeopathic Medical League -AHML
7. The Homeopathic Doctor Withour Barrier -DRTB-MRHP
8. The Research Institute of Medical Acupuncture-RIMAc
All this organisation are under our Umberella Body -FAHOM

Brief History of Our Struggles

The Alma-Ata Declaration defines its strategy as " health For All by year 2000', through primary health care. This is in pursuance of the aims declared at the WHO / UNICEF sponsored Conference at Alma-Ata, former USSR.  Primary health care has been described as 'essential health care based practically, scientifically sound and socially accepted methods and technology made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community and a country acn afford to maintain at avery stage of their development in the spirit of self-relience and self-determination "
Subsequently, the Alma-Ata Declaraction outlined that the primary health care is based on the trainning and scientific orientation provided to health care workers including physicians, nurses, midwives, auxillary and community workers and traditional medical practitioners.
Therefore, The Faculty of Homoeopathy Malaysia has establised guidelines and regulations outlining the Code of Ethic, that healers are axpected to follow consequent to their trainning, certification and membership of out institute.
THE FACULTI OF HOMOEOPATHY MALAYSIA (FAHEM) was formed in 1979 and its membership is limited. The aims, of out institute is "to advance the scientific study and professional practice of ' 'Alternative Medicines' in malaysia and all over the world and thus encouraging its development by promoting research, lying high standards of professional ethics, competence, conduct, education, qualification, and achievement amongst practitioners promoting the dessemination of knowledge and thought about  Alternative Medicine through meeting, lectures, seminars, workshops, reports, papers, discussions, publications and professional contacts, woth the wide interest and inquiry into Alternative Medicine and all related areas og knowledge and practice".
Previously when starting this institute in 1979 we had only the one department of homoeopathy which run a five years professional course. The distinctive purpose of this Faculty is to raise the status of Alternative Medicine of the rank it deserves and to turn out "Physician" throughly well trained in respective branch of medicines.
In 1992 our Faculty has made an affiliation status with Medicine Alternativa, The Open International University, Sri Lanka. Thus, open a broader scope of research in the field of complementary medicines for the Malaysian and also for humanities all over the world.
With the advised by out international bureau, we had set up full fledge HOmoeopathic College & hospital and thus we have created 5 new department to complete the studies of all amjor Alternative Therapies available in this world. The are:
1. Department of Homoeopathic Medicine
2. Dept. of Islamic Medicine
3. Dept. of Chinese medicines
4. Dept. of Malay medicines
5. Dept. of Indian Medicines
6. Dept. of Japanese Medicines
Each and every department is headed by the dean's and is the expert and specialist in their respective field.
This clinical training programme has been designed to meet the objectives of the WHO and FAHEM to quality for international certification. Candidates who follow this course are provided with clinical training, practical demostrations and lectures related to both the clinical and scientific aspects of Acupuncture.

Spreading Homeopathy Through A College
Prof Dr NIk Omar Nik Daud is a practitioner of Alternative Medicine and he heads what is, perhaps, the biggest and only homeopathy college in malaysia. Report by Nik Fairuz.
Prof Dr Nik Omar Nik Daud went to pakistan to be a medical student but ended up as an expert in alternative medicane instead. Today, he heads what is, perhaps, the biggest and only homeopathy college in malaysia.
It was 70s then when, like many other local lads, he headed to that part of asia to pursue a dream of becoming a doctor. A friend, who was also studying medicine there, introduced him to homeopathy a way of treating diseases in which patients are given very small amounts of natural substances. The same prescription, if given to healthy people, would produce the same effects that the diseases produce.
"He gave me a book  on the philosophy of homeopathy and after reading it, i was convinced i should do it ," says Nik Omar. 48, who founded the Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia in 1979.
He took a risk in giving up pursuit of a conventional medical degree, and, instead, going into homeopathy. The then 20-year-old iad knew little about alternative medicine. He was also the first person in his family of entrepreneurs to venture into the medical practice.
After he graduated from the Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College &Hospital in 1975, Nik Omar spent two more years studying in london before returning to his hometown, Kota Bharu, in Kelantan.
He recalls,"My professor in pakistan told me before i left  for England: 'if you want to spread homeopathy in Malaysia, you must have a College',".
Nik Omar did just that when returned. The college in Kota Bharu  started out with seven students and one department of homeopathy in 1979 . It now has more than 1,000 students and since its affiliation with the Open International University, Sri Lanka, the college has expended its scope of complementary medicine and set up new department in Malay, Islamic, Indian, Chinese and Japanese medicine.
The development did not come as a surprise at all."Most Malaysians are very health-conscious. they believe in alternative medicine first rather than western medicine" Nik Omar says.
"Our cultures have for generations been practising alternative medicine. for example , with acupuncture and herbs, because they were available averywhere and cheap," he says.
Yet, even with the advent of modern medicine, or allopathy, alternative approaches like homeopathy have continued to thrive in society.
The older generation preferred alternative to western medicine  because the people were alfraid of surgeries and injections. The modern generation however is alfraid of drugs and prefers natural theraphy if possible,"Nik Omar observes.
Unlike traditional herbalist and sinsehs who use the crude forms of plants in their theraphy. homeopathy which originated in Germeny ijn the 19th century refines the extracts of plants into conventional looking pills and capsules he explans.
Currently, most of the medicines prescribed at his clinics in Kota Bharu, and Kuala Lumpur are imported.
"But we are gradually using more and more local plants. We are also planning  to built a pharmaceutical plants to produce local homeopathic products" Nik Omar says.
In his 20-odd years in practice, he has come across his fair share of patients with severe stages of ilness who turn to alternative medicine as a last result.
"There are two types of patients. Firstly health-conscious people who come to me at the early stage of their diseases, which easier to treat.
"Then there's what i call the 'hopeless case' patients. They have gone to the hospital and the doctor have tol them there is nothing else he could do to cure the disease. Like Heaptitis B, paralysis, hypertension and severe stage of diabetes. These people come to homeopathy as their last hope.
"It's usually very difficult to treat such a patients. We can't promise them anything but we try to do what we can," he says.
"Homeopathy is here to complement allopathy, or modern medicine," Nik Omar clarifies, adding that it should not be expected to produce miracles when modern medicine fails.
The homeopath is especially proud of the college's progress in researching treatment  for infertility and migraine. "We have had  much success in using a concoction of floral extracts to treat infertility," he says.
As for migraine, he prescribe the "homeopuncture", a combination of oral herbal medicine and external acupuncture.
"About 95 % of patients who follow the full course of treatment have been successfully treated," he claims. While he is all out to tout the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating various diseases, he admits he is concerned about the abuse of these alternative medicine by unscrupulous opportunists.

Faculty of Homoeopathy Malaysia

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